Wood Block Slim BASIC and MAX Platforms+

It is not another "board with spikes”

"Wood block slim platform" is not another "board with spikes”.
Simple in look, but structurally and technologically advanced the platforms are build from carefully selected high grade components and materials about different damping conditions and properties.
Sophisticated CNC machining and hand crafted finishing of wood block slim platforms guarantee the most effective suppression of unwanted resonances and the best listening experiences.
... perfectly suited for work with all audio components and turntables.
In MAX Platforms each of 4 "ceramic disc tablette feet" with 3 extra hard ceramic balls inside, has their own anti vibration soft system. In BASIC Platforms ceramic tablette footers are screwed down directly into platform's shelf. Both platforms can be easy leveling.

Availability and finish
- wooden veneers + mat or high gloss hand polished transparent varnish
- high grade RAL colour varnish.
Each platform has their own unique serial number and certificate of authenticity signed by founder.
- cardboard box with protective insert.

- standard sizes of shelf (without footers)(wxdxh):
MAX - 480x440x50[mm], total height with footers ~61[mm]
BASIC - 480x440x38[mm], total height with footers ~60
- other sizes on request.

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