About franc audio accessories

Franc Audio Accessories was founded with the idea of demanding audiophiles wishing to improve the sound of their audio systems. The company’s products are directed to audiophiles, those who appreciate modern and substantial design. It’s a superb way of providing a stable support for your system.
The company was established in 2008. The main purpose of it’s owner has been to eliminate all vibrations that are being created during listening to music. He has discovered a technique of joining really hard and stiff ceramic materials together with light aluminium alloy and elastic „plastics”. All parts are precisely cnc machine made that gives a great quality and recurrence. Finishing quality is gained by hand crafting of elements.

Paweł Skulimowski
MSc in mechanical engineering with specialization in machines building and welding
International and European welding engineer, a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Gdańsk
Amateur drummer, inventor, founder and owner of Franc Audio Accessories