Warsaw Audio Show 2015

franc audio accessories – AVS 2015.11.6-8

Full report from AVS Warsaw 6-8.11.2015

Thanks to SoundClub, reviewers, viewers and friends.

Thanks to kindly Marja&Henk from 6moons.
„…Franc Audio showcased their designer version of the passive power filter clad in a custom-made leather jacket. It worked wonders in the visual sense…”

„…For auxiliaries Franc Audio provided equipment racks and a new passive power filter where a massive wooden base houses all internal wiring which connects the central input IEC to the two output blocks bracketing it. The construction is solid enough to cope with the most stubborn power cables without tilt or getting airborne….”

pictures by Marcin Olszewski – soundrebels.pl, highfidelity.pl, 6moons, me


  1. wood block rack
  2. wood block fat platforms
  3. ceramic feet (classic, fat, slim)
  4. power on-e distributor in leatcher finishing
  5. power on-e distributor in heban light veneer

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_000

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_001

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_002

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_003

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_004

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_005-1

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_005

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_006

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_007


  1. alu rack
  2. composite one rack platforms
  3. power on-e distributor

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_008

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_009

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_010

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_011

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_012

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_014

Marja & Henk from 6moons.com and me.

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_013


  1. wood block slim platform under CD

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_016

FAA AS Warsaw 2015_015

The boss of Acoustic Signature – Gunther Frohnhofer and me.

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